4 Ways to Light a Latern

I can’t think of an accent with more versatility and longevity than a lantern! I have sold them in my store for years and they continue to be popular for adding variety to anyone’s decor! From contemporary metal in abstract shapes to rustic barn wood designs in farmhouse white, the styles and decorating options are endless. Everyone prefers to have them lit up in some way so here are my top tips for lighting your lantern!

1. Flame Modules

The newest little gadget for creating a flame effect is my favorite! Its the Fia Flame device that emulates a real flame effect when lit, flickering and glowing away for 30 hours on one charge. Use the 6-hour timer feature for a lit look in the evenings and plug it into the wall when it’s ready for a charge. Hide this device in a frosted glass cylinder or tuck it into greenery inside the lantern because as it isn’t designed to be featured.


2.LED Fairy Light Strands

For maximum versatility, wired light strands can’t be beaten! The LEDs are available in warm or cool light options. I love the cool color as it gives a soft blueish glow that pairs great with blue, holiday decor, or everyday blue floral accents. With shorter and long length options, you can use them anywhere. Wind them through a floral design inside or outside a lantern and it will have a pleasant glow! Available with batteries, with extra-long lengths, or as a plug-in strand.

3. Lighted Branches

Rustic or more casual design styles are trending now. Branches certainly lend themselves to that vibe! Adding them in a lantern allows for filling the inside with light. The branches, available in different heights and finishes, are electric but have a convertible battery pack. The bendable wire ensures a great fit in almost any size of lantern. Wire them together with berries, vines, and other weedy looking stems for a very casual inviting look! The led lights have thousands of hours of use. It’s even great as a night light!

4. Flameless Candles

A perennial favorite featuring a flame that flickers and moves like the real thing! The quality wax provides a realistic look and the candle can be used with a remote or a timer. A favorite on my fireplace, my multiple candles cast the light through the tops of my cut metal lanterns and make an interesting pattern on the ceiling! Perfect for tray displays as well, you’ll use them for any style and season!