Lake Life

Comfort, Ease, Light and Airy. All hallmarks of the “Lake Life” decorating vibe. I am often asked to help create this look in homes. What are the key accents, colors and finishes needed to create this type of space in your home? Let’s dive in! (Pardon the pun!)

If your space feels dark and heavy, this look may really get a boost from a fresh paint color. I love Sherwin Williams paints and have a few tried and true favorites to lift the light level. For the best white with no cold or blue undertones, I love Alabaster SW7008. If a sandy tone is more what you are looking for “Shiitake” Sw9173 may be more to your liking. Accent walls, bedrooms, bathrooms, even ceilings can all benefit from a serene blue. A pale choice with aqua undertones could be “Watery” SW6478 or keep it cooler with blue-grey tones and use “Niebla Azul” SW9137.

When selecting accessories, it helps to start with a focus area to get your ideas flowing. Is it your fireplace, dining or coffee table? Maybe your Bed & the space over it needs a lift. Is the Sectional and accent wall the first thing you see when entering your room? Here are some top picks for accents and finishes that will give your room a light, casual feeling.


  • Cotton fabrics in lighter colors as the base with accents in blues and greens
  • Fabrics with texture like linen, gauze, and rustic finishes provide an ease and coziness, especially when used on pillows and throws.

  • Denim is a sturdy and carefree fabric that be used in rugs, cushions, ottomans
  • Jute and Sisal, or seagrass are materials often found in rugs, accent poufs, baskets, woven trays. The natural material warms your whites and brings the element of nature.
  • Permanent floral designs can fill a corner, soften a mantle, and create a welcoming front door. Select them with branches and foliages, berries and small scale florals. A loose, weedy look keeps the casual feel.
  • Glass accents bring the feel of water to the space. Vases with simple stems or branches set into a few river stones at the bottom. Glass orbs combined with stones, and driftwood can fill a tray or bowl.
  • Use mirrors to bring light to darker corners. Metals with aged patina, and greyed out wood finishes feel casual.
  • Art selections can be very important if you have a big wall to fill. If themes of canoes or water do not appeal to you, what about a collage of photography art of the vacations you most enjoyed at a lake. Maybe your family is featured or maybe its a serene lake image, or a lighthouse you photographed. Word art can be used to accent as well. Find a message that resonates with you!
  • A Fragrance can trigger a memory. Create new memories with these favorites scents of mine. “Afternoon Retreat” a masculine scent thats really appealing to the guys in the household. Or, “Sea Salt” from Illume. It conjures up ocean waves in your mind!

Soften and control the light through your windows with new Silhouette window shades, available in multiple hues of whites. Or accent with a fun fabric as a valance or side panel drapery. These custom items available at Magnolias will personalize your space and add just the right finishing touch!

Whether you add this look to your land-locked home or update the decor of your abode on the lake, I hope these tips and ideas inspire you to create your own haven to enjoy this Summer!